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A Summarized Love Story

Master Printer. Graphic Designer...

Hi.  My name is John Opiola. 

My journey into computer graphic design started in high school around 1998.

  In my early 20s I was frequently contracted to work on underground party and event flyers. 

The path into screen printing started in my kitchen winter of 2010. 

I decided to pursue screen printing professionally in 2011 to further develop my car trunk clothing brand I called KRLXNST.

  I positioned myself at a local print shop to learn from the ground up.

By 2015 I became a floor-production leader at a few high volume print locations in Illinois achieving Master Printer status.

Circa 2017 - I started building my own print studio in the basement of a funeral home to

work personal artwork on my spare time.

 Buzz spread about the funeral home print establishment.  I became optimistic and KRLXNST was sidelined.

I immediately was flooded with concept collabs and print requests from festivals, clothing lines and small businesses.

In 2018 I DBAd as Crow and Bier as a garment print specialist and design liaison; working fulltime from my studio.  

As of May 2022- Ive outgrown the funeral home studio space.  In respect to the name and location I rebranded into


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the come up

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